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  • Rainbow Rainbow7000 series high speed belt of digital jet printing machine

Product features

Rainbow 7 High-speed Digital Inkjet Printer

1. 7x24 Continuous production

2. daily output 8000-20000m2

3. the highest printing resolution 1200dpi

4. Width 2.1M/2.8M/3.2M

5. Spectra textile industrial printhead technology

6. Optimized printhead array

7. Automatic printhead cleaning& moisturizing system

8. Intelligence regulation of print pressure

9. Automatic feeding/distribution system

10. Effective drying/spread the color device

11.The intelligent ink supply control

12. Environmentally textile ink, fit for any kinds of fabric





Max. printing width




Printing speed

Printing speed  genera quality: printing speed 800㎡/h,

good quality: printing speed 600㎡/h,

high quality: printing speed 400㎡/h,

Printhead model

imported industrial piezoelectric printhead with stainless steel

Ink model


Fabric delivery 

Belt deliveryAutomatic windingAutomatic belt washingAutomatic adjustmentInfrared automatic drying system

Fabric type

Cotton, linen, silk, nylon, polyester, wool, etc.

size(L xW xH)

8150×4650×1850mm  8150×5350×1850mm  8150×6050×1850mm

Ink supply 

Auto ink supply system

Ink color

Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, pale cyan, pale magenta, pale yellow, pale black

Ink type

Reactive, acid, disperse, pigment

Fabric drying system

Far-infrared drier

Power consumption

AC220V(drier system 380V) 50-60Hz, 30kw(drier system 26kw)

Compressed air


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